Amy’s Reflections

As I prepared to attend the National Philanthropy Day dinner last week honoring Mary Wolking, a cherished tutor and development Mercy Education Project volunteer, I was again mindful of the extraordinary debt MEP owes Mary for her singular service to our mission as well as the hundreds of other volunteers who have made our model not only possible but also successful. Last year MEP was fortunate to benefit from 120 volunteers who contributed $150,000 in tutoring and instructional service. Volunteers who have dedicated themselves to conveying the rigorous language arts, math, science and social studies curriculum for the GED test to women from a multitude of backgrounds in order that they can gain satisfying work  and better provide for their children. Volunteers who add an extra couple hours to their already-long work day to tutor our girls in math and reading in the early evening hours, to participate in tutor trainings on the weekends, and to nurture their student’s self-esteem and college-awareness. Where does this impulse to help in such a fundamental way come from?  From the heart, perhaps with the legacy of great teachers of their own in mind. Certainly with concern to better the welfare of struggling girls and women.

It has been uplifting for me as MEP’s Executive Director to receive scores of comments from volunteers throughout the years who’ve told me their dedication comes from their own family’s story, which is often one of cultural assimilation fifty to one hundred years ago or more.  Heirs who want to “pay it forward” for the scores of girls and women who’ve landed on these shores in recent decades.

We couldn’t do it without you – the scores of volunteers we call tutors.



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Here are some recent comments from community members, volunteers, students and others who are commenting on Mercy Education Project.

"There is no more important work being done than that of Mercy Education Project, which is helping to craft the lives of future women leaders. I am so proud to be a part of its mission and purpose. MEP deserves the support of the entire state."

Rochelle Riley, Columnist and Author
Detroit Free Press

"We can't support every good cause, but Mercy Education Project achieves such profound academic results within its small budget …its programs must be sustained.  Too many young girls and women are in need of MEP’s services – they are counting on us.”

Denise Starr, Director of Human Resources
City of Detroit