Women's Words of Wisdom

By Sally Jirjis, Future Pathways Coordinator

Here at MEP, the objective of the College and Career Ready curriculum is for our students to take the next step from their GED to professional pursuits. The women come from diverse backgrounds and may be very unfamiliar with the career planning process. The goal-setting theory applies to people who come from all walks of life, whether it’s the CEO from a Fortune 500 company or a woman coming from low socioeconomic background who’s working to achieve her diploma. I am still getting to know these ladies, so I was curious about what some of their personal goals may be. With the New Year around the corner, I thought it would be a nice icebreaker to see what some of them were thinking about doing as their resolutions.

“What are your New Year Resolutions and tell me three things you plan on doing to get there?” Some common answers included “passing my GED and getting a job/going to college.” One of the women said that she is ready to spend an hour and half per day to stop what she’s doing and relinquish her responsibilities so that she could set aside time to read more books -- something she does not consider even a remote hobby. However, she believes this will be a stepping-stone to achieving her GED by her goal of June. One of the women mentioned that she wants to begin practicing her faith more devotedly so that she can be a better example to her son. Her “how to” was to increase her faith-based reading from two pages to four pages per day. My goal was to break these ideas down to their core roots so that these women can start thinking about the little steps, the “how to’s,” that need to be taken in order to reach their big goals.

I was hoping that they would recognize their existing knowledge through the “New Year Resolution” question, so that this awareness can soon be applied toward the professional process. Based on their responses, some of them already know exactly what they want for their personal lives and some even know what to do in order to get there. If they view their professional interests through the same lens that they use for their personal interests, I believe they will be able to accomplish their big goals with greater ease. It will be exciting to continue to help them identify and implement their current abilities so that they can use these strengths as they take on the challenges of preparing for their professional futures.



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"There is no more important work being done than that of Mercy Education Project, which is helping to craft the lives of future women leaders. I am so proud to be a part of its mission and purpose. MEP deserves the support of the entire state."

Rochelle Riley, Columnist and Author
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"We can't support every good cause, but Mercy Education Project achieves such profound academic results within its small budget …its programs must be sustained.  Too many young girls and women are in need of MEP’s services – they are counting on us.”

Denise Starr, Director of Human Resources
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