Volunteer Corps Staff Completes Service

On August 8th the staff of MEP sadly said goodbye to Louise Tessier, this year's full-time volunteer from the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.  A graduate of the University of Delaware, Louise came to MEP from Philadelphia and spent the past year working full-time in the Women’s Program as a math and social studies teacher.  After a month long hike in the Smokey Mountains, Louise plans to travel  to England before pursuing a career in education.

Mercy Education Project would like to thank Louise for her talented and dedicated service and wish her much success in her future endeavors. Thank you Louise for being an integral member of the MEP Team, and for the positive impact you made with our students.


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Here are some recent comments from community members, volunteers, students and others who are commenting on Mercy Education Project.

"There is no more important work being done than that of Mercy Education Project, which is helping to craft the lives of future women leaders. I am so proud to be a part of its mission and purpose. MEP deserves the support of the entire state."

Rochelle Riley, Columnist and Author
Detroit Free Press

"We can't support every good cause, but Mercy Education Project achieves such profound academic results within its small budget …its programs must be sustained.  Too many young girls and women are in need of MEP’s services – they are counting on us.”

Denise Starr, Director of Human Resources
City of Detroit