Success Stories

One Dream Down: A Girl’s Story of Success

Meet Andrea

Smart, sweet and inspired to do well, Andrea is a high school freshman in southwest Detroit participating in MEP’s new academic support program for 9th graders. Through this program, students transitioning to high school receive supportive homework assistance, tutoring, and advising.

Andrea’s transition to high school has been quite successful. After working with her tutor, she passed the entrance exam to Cristo Rey, a private high school in southwest Detroit. She likes her new school. “The kids are respectful,” she says. “The teachers are nice, and they’ll help you with anything you need.”

She feels particularly encouraged by her tutor. “Ms. Chris helps me a lot. She says she knows I can do it when I say I can’t. We both like cats, so she makes up problems about them.” Andrea gives MEP credit for her success. “Coming to MEP helps me get my work done. It helped me get my math grade up from a D to a B!” 

Chris Allen, Andrea’s tutor, is proud of her. “Her progress has been stupendous,” Allen says. Over two years, her capabilities have increased quickly and dramatically. She always comes ready to work and puts good effort into what we’re doing.” 

When asked about her grades in school these days, Andrea smiles shyly and says, “They’re good. Really good.”

One Dream Down: A Woman’s Story of Success

Meet Alicia

I came to Mercy Education Project in November. I only completed sixth grade in school and I know that, with my GED, I will have the opportunity to advance.

Linda and Jackie are volunteers for the Women's Programs. They are the most loving people that I have met. They are always ready to help. Linda helps us individually with the subjects we don't understand. She is a very patient and happy person. Jackie works with us as a group in the "Woman to Woman" meetings. It helps us to understand how to handle situations. She listens to us and enjoys being with us. She also helps with our studies.

Mercy Education Project impacts my life in several ways. I am happy to say that I feel good with my classes because they are instructed so that I can learn. I have learned so much at MEP that my self-esteem has improved. I have met new friends and it's a great feeling to work with them. I am so pleased with what it offers me, and I appreciate all the things that people at MEP do to help me obtain my education. Getting my GED is important to me and I will continue to come to class until I complete it. It will allow me to get a job and have the opportunity to go to college. I will also set an example for my children and encourage them to finish high school and get a good education.