Women’s Programs

What we do

The Women’s Programs improve women’s educational advancement by providing literacy, adult basic education, GED preparation and select career and workforce development services.

Why we do it

In Detroit, only one-quarter to one-half of high school students graduate, and nearly half of the adult population is considered functionally illiterate. In southwest Detroit, 24 percent of adults do not have a 9th grade education, and more than half did not finish high school.

Approximately three-quarters of MEP’s adult students are minority women who did not complete high school and/or have failed in earlier attempts to complete the GED. More than 50 percent of the women come to MEP reading at a 5th grade level or lower. MEP’s adult students come from low-income households, and the majority have not obtained regular full-time employment. Many of our students come from families with a multi-generational history of failure to complete high school and/or retain employment.

How we do it

The Women's Educational Services Program invites women to participate in a learning community that allows them to work at their own pace, address barriers to learning, and identify their personal learning styles. What sets MEP apart from other programs is the content and structured, yet highly individualized, approach to learning.

GED Preparation, Adult Basic Education and Adult Literacy are part of the core services provided in the women’s programs. Our learning program includes classroom instruction, self-paced materials and one-to-one or small group tutoring. An initial assessment helps us develop an individual learning plan for each student. MEP does not simply teach how to take the GED test.  Rather, MEP teaches the content and skills, including work readiness skills, which students need to succeed.

The program runs from 9:00 a.m to 1:30 p.m, Monday through Thursday during the academic year. A meal, transportation (within a designated zip codes) and childcare are available to women living in Detroit.

MEP helps students prepare for employment. Partnerships with employers help graduates attain job training and/or employment. Employability and life skills training such as interviewing, resume writing, and time management are provided through our Career Pathways programming. 


  • More than 90 percent of the women who complete our GED program pass the GED, even though many have failed to pass in other programs. 
  • Many MEP students are the first person in their families to finish high school or attend college.
  • An average of 80% of our GED graduates have gone on to college, employment or a job training program.
  • By helping 150 women each year move from dependency to self-sufficiency, MEP is helping to build a stronger community, reduce reliance on public assistance programs, foster a more educated workforce, and decrease illiteracy in Detroit.

How to EnrolL

We enroll new students four times per year.  Call Mercy Education Project at 313-963-5881 to inquire about our enrollment process.  Prospective students are encouraged to visit us at 1450 Howard Street in southwest Detroit.