July 17, 2012

'Emerging Leaders' program preps young girls for future success

From their home base on the second floor of the Commerce and Finance Building at University of Detroit Mercy, 33 sixth- to eighth-grade girls are learning the ins and outs of college life, exploring careers that might match their interests and personality, and seeing firsthand what real success and happiness looks like for educated women who have fulfilling, well-paying careers. 

These young girls are part of Mercy Education Project’s Emerging Leaders program, a four-week program that runs for the entire month of July, helping girls who live in southwest Detroit learn about college and careers. 


June 25, 2012

Watch an excerpt of the WTVS - Channel 56 PBS special, "American Graduate" featuring one of MEP's alumna.  Click here for the video.

July 3, 2012

Read interviews with MEP's Executive Director and Director of Girls' Programs in the Michign Nightlight, "an online source of solutions, news and inspiration for those who are working to positively impact the lives of Michigan kids" funded through the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.


MEP's Literacy and Life Skills Girls' Tutoring Program:

Interview with the Executive Director:

May 25, 2012
Rochelle Riley: What's to love about Detroit? Read this
(May 25, 2012 - Detroit Free Press)

Of all the things that Eldridge Cleaver said, the most important was this: "You're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem."

I'm happy to have seen people in action this month who are part of the solution.

The first was at a gathering at the Detroit Institute of Arts for the Mercy Education Project's Doorway to the Future...

February 22, 2012

Seven Comerica volunteers serving as MEP tutors are featured in the Comerica Homefront section of the Michigan ChronicleClick here to access the article and read quotes by the generous volunteers.

February 17, 2012

Listen to executive director, Amy Amador, share about how Mercy Education Project helps women and girls improve their education on Destination 313 on WJR 760 AM.  Click here to go to the Destination 313 website to download the podcast.

December 16, 2011

Mercy Education Project (MEP) has recently completed its Strategic Plan for 2012-14.  Using a process led by Board and Administration and relying heavily on input from MEP Staff as well as a large number of internal and external stakeholders, this Strategic Plan is embedded in two critical concepts:  Sustainability and Scalability.

[Sustainability]  To ensure MEP’s financial future the Plan calls for the development of a reserve fund and the creation of policies for growing and protecting its endowment fund and for utilizing surplus funds.  In addition the Board has committed itself in the first year of the Plan to engaging in a think tank on earned income and to challenging each...

October 2, 2011

Watch a video of one student’s struggle to overcome illiteracy. ...

October 2, 2011

By Reading Works | Detroit Free Press

We are Reading Works -- an organization of diverse leaders from the business, education, media, civic and faith communities -- dedicated to significantly boosting adult literacy in metro Detroit.

We recognize a sad truth: Metro Detroit has far too many functionally illiterate adults, people often reading below a fifth-grade level, unable to complete a job application or read to their children.

Click here to continue reading...

October 2, 2011

By Jeff Seidel | Detroit Free Press

Thirty-eight-year-old Luvanis O'Neal kept her secret for more than 20 years by hiding in silence behind a sweet, demure smile. It was easier being quiet. Nobody asked questions of the shy girl.

She was short and rail thin, a size 4, and made herself even smaller by blending into the crowd, never causing trouble and never speaking out, using all kinds of tricks to keep that secret.

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Here are some recent comments from community members, volunteers, students and others who are commenting on Mercy Education Project.

"There is no more important work being done than that of Mercy Education Project, which is helping to craft the lives of future women leaders. I am so proud to be a part of its mission and purpose. MEP deserves the support of the entire state."

Rochelle Riley, Columnist and Author
Detroit Free Press

"We can't support every good cause, but Mercy Education Project achieves such profound academic results within its small budget …its programs must be sustained.  Too many young girls and women are in need of MEP’s services – they are counting on us.”

Denise Starr, Director of Human Resources
City of Detroit