May 14, 2015

Sister Canice Johnson, RSM passed away on Tuesday night after a battle with cancer. She will be dearly missed. We are grateful for Sister Canice, who as Mercy Education Project’s first executive director, took the first step and many steps thereafter to bring a vision of serving women and children in Detroit to life. She touched so many people – as teacher and tutor – and as a leader who invited others into service to be a part of a larger mission and vision. We are inspired by Sister Canice’s compassion in service and passionate advocacy for justice.  Sister...

May 11, 2015

University of Detroit-Mercy's Spring issue of Spiritus Magazine featured an article about Mercy Education Project's Emerging Leader's Summer Program.  Every summer the University of Detroit-Mercy hosts MEP 4 week camp for middle school girls from southwest Detroit.  Find the article here.

April 27, 2015

We were overwhelmed with the response to this year's Doorway to the Future Dinner & Auction that took place on April 16th at Cobo Center in Detroit.  Ranging from heart felt poetry from our high school seniors to riveting remarks from a GED student to the amazingly powerful short film by Antoinette Star Porter featuring her original song "I Found Mercy", the event prominently featured MEP's mission, programs and students.  Also of high emotional interest was the conferring of PHD (Positive attitude; Hard work; Dedication) awards to Felicia Fields, Group VP of HR and Corporate Services for Ford Motor Company; and Sister Canice Johnson, RSM, Founding Director of Mercy Education Project and Detroit Cristo Rey High School....

December 11, 2014


Please check out this 6-minute film, 'Small Miracles Happen Every Day: The Mercy Education Project', which offers a vivid view into the world of MEP.  You will see the dynamism of our women's GED program; the joyful character of our...

December 23, 2014

Students like Maria (left) and Alondra (right) are role models here at MEP.  They each work with determination  (Maria in GED studies; Alondra in after-school tutoring) to assure success in school and life. As Maria says, "I never thought I would get to this point in my life".  MEP is seeking year-end donations to benefit the 300 students we work with each year.  You can donate to MEP by pressing the Donate Now button above. Funds are vitally needed to meet many challenges in 2015...

October 29, 2014

For the past few years, MEP has partnered with area companies, places of workship, clubs and civic organizations to assist our GED students at holiday time.  Called "Holiday Shop", this year's event will take place on December 18th and is designed to provide new, small gifts for our students to "shop" among as a reward for good attendance.  Thus, the activity provides much-needed help to our low-income students and their families while encouraging program retention.  If your organization would like to participate, contact Mary E. Madigan at 313-963-5881 or at [email protected]

December 25, 2016

What does it mean to be a woman? First of all, a woman is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend. The woman is sensitive but also strong. The woman exudes beauty, sensuality, love. There is a woman standing behind any successful man and she experiences every feeling along him.

Women are true heroes who fight for their purposes, who go through life with their heads up and who love to be respected and appreciated. They are good friends and have compassion for each other. They are mothers who fight for their children, who sacrifice themselves for them. Women are the smile, the finesse and the love in this world. They have enormous soul power.

Most of the time, women prefer to ignore ranking themselves as personalities, because...

July 15, 2014

MEP’s sixth annual Emerging Leaders summer program for at-risk middle school girls got started this week with 35 southwest Detroit girls participating.  Based at the University of Detroit Mercy, the four week program provides girls the opportunity to learn about UDM and other colleges and begin to imagine a future that includes college.  The girls will explore career options and visit local businesses including Strategic Staffing Solutions and Marathon Oil Company.  The program also includes self-esteem and leadership development as well as team-building through activities such as participating in a high ropes course and a team “Olympics”.  As Melanie Ward, Director of MEP’s Girls Programs commented, “We are planting...

June 24, 2014

High school graduation is an important milestone for girls who attend Mercy Education Project’s after-school tutoring program, one worthy of a celebration!  DTE Energy hosted the graduation party on June 17 when we honored Tchinarold and Andrea who had proudly crossed the stage to accept their diplomas from Cristo Rey High School the previous weekend. Both girls started with MEP in elementary school (Andrea in 1st grade!) and both girls have been meeting with their individual tutors, Carrie Budzinski and Chris Allen, for the past five years.  Also honored at the...



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Bulletin Board

Here are some recent comments from community members, volunteers, students and others who are commenting on Mercy Education Project.


"Education is an opportunity and can be transformational for our most vulnerable communities; especially those, like us, working tirelessly in search of the American Dream. Programs like Mercy Education Project have successfully removed those barriers for many and have educated our women and girls and is transforming their lives."

JoAnn Chávez, Vice President Legal & Chief Tax Officer
DTE Energy, August 2017


"….Literacy is a fundamental right and an essential building block for a productive life. Increasing adult literacy also ensures more parents can be engaged in their children’s education, ,making this a cause  critical to helping families break the cycle of poverty. Thank you to Mercy Education Project for their tireless efforts to ensure everyone has an opportunity to learn to read. Together, I know we are making a difference.”

Warren C. Evans, Wayne County Executive
Wayne County, December 2016